2000 1994 2016 In the late 1990s and early 2000s, the line was overhauled and the majority of the models underwent major redesigns. The name underneath Duke's tender reads "Duke's Coal Car" instead of "Duke's Tender". Coal Loader Belle's late 2013 model had completely blue wheels despite it having blue with the red centre. Skiff The range has been discontinued. Sodor Dynamite Blast 2014 2010 Caroline 2 Engines 2011 The prototypes of Stepney, Oliver and Ryan used Thomas' face. All models of James before 2001 had red domes instead of brass domes. Circle and Circus Set expansion pack 2011 Featured Bertie Picture Information. Learning Curve (1993-2011)Tomy (2011-2012)Fisher-Price (2013-2017) Reissued in 2014 for limited release Also available with Fuel Tanker and straight track Hard at Work Percy and Mail Truck Reissued in 2008 (with a retractable magnet), 2011 and 2013 Victor is the manager of The Sodor Steamworks. 2009 2010 It has been played with and shows some signs of wear or blemishes and paint chips (see pictures). ToyTrains4u. 2001 2011 Features Toby and Bertie Currently unavailable. Red Stop Sign 2016 George Sodor Bay Cargo Ship Released to celebrate the 60th anniversary of The Railway Series Thomas' Birthday Surprise Set Peter Sam 2001 Thomas and Henry Steam Around Sodor 2016 Scrap Monster 1993 Add a photo to this gallery Holiday Lights Thomas (discontinued) Sold with James Goes Buzz Buzz and Other Thomas Stories VHS Oliver's original model had black wheels instead of green. Sodor Engine Wash Thomas' Tall Friend Charlie 2015 $35.00. Millie's model is smaller than the other narrow gauge engines produced by the line. Day Out with Thomas Passenger Coach Thomas The Train Wooden Thomas Gordon Edward Percy James Henry Trains 1-6 Tender. Shop our collection of Fisher-Price® toy trains and train sets for toddlers and preschool boys and girls, including push-along trains, motorized trains, track sets, wood trains and wooden track sets, and playsets featuring some of their favorite Thomas & Friends™ characters. 2010 Features Team Colours James and Busy Bee James Bish Bash Bosh Carry Bag Stepney The first prototype of Rusty used Mavis' face. The products due to be released in late 2012 coinciding with the special Blue Mountain Mystery were cancelled because Learning Curve had only developed the computer generated prototypes, before they were acquired by TOMY. 2011 All her other models, except for her battery-powered model, have the correct purple roof. Thomas Engine Gift-Pack Circus Train It was a railway system created in 1993 by Learning Curve, who held the rights until 2011. James Scrap Yard Percy and the Mail Depot 1993 Talking Engines 2000 Thomas' Balloon Express Something went wrong. Mountaintop Supply Run Millie's model is smaller than the other narrow gauge engines produced by the line. Freddie 21.3 2000 20.7 2000 Contents. 6 Special Edition Percy's Fuel Delivery Figure 8 Set 19.2 Sets 2003 Sold for Thomas and the Magic Railroad 1998 Playboard Boulder Mountain Rosie Red Baggage Car Suspension Bridge Splish, Splash, Splosh! 2014 Salty Smashing Steam Hammer Reissued in 2017 Yellow "Sodor Cargo Company" Cargo Piece 1993 Engineers' Set All models with multiple bogies had their chassis made of plastic and other slight plastic incorporations were utilised to cut down production costs. These original models were primarily constructed with painted wood, along with metal used in the coupling magnets and axles and plastic for the wheels and faces. 2001 10 Years of Thomas in America pack 43 pieces are included. 2001 … Wiki Content. 12.2 Buildings Crosby Station Cargo Truck Musical Melody Tracks set If there is an image that belongs on this article, please insert it on this page. Available with the Sodor Service Station Up and Around 19 Early Engineers This is the only full year where Tomy produced the line and most of the products' packaging display the company's logo. Features Thomas, Oliver, Diesel, Bill and Duncan 1997 Games Movies TV Video. Salty and the Shipping Cars 1996 These models were relatively simple, with simple wooden stubs for the funnel and dome, while details such as windows, whistles and buffer beams were omitted. 2003 Bertram 2008 Day Out with Thomas Clothier Car