Chances are, that bathroom does not have a window, and if it does, it is likely to be a small one. I guess it will be difficult for you to learn or know, but it is good to know to be sure that the old and the new type will have good adhesion. Before applying the new coating, sand lightly with P220 just enough to remove the smoothness and shine of the old coating, this will improve the adhesion and the new coating will look better. For the smoothest, glossiest finish, the best option is still oil-based (alkyd) enamel. Is it because polies on my list are water-based? 5. ", Also, it is made from some noxious chemicals that are harsh on the nose and even harsher on the environment. Here is what a hand applied 1st coat looked like when I was painting cabinets navy blue. I am confident I can deftly apply a protector and smooth it out to the end of the cupboard door. One little issue is that a wipe-on poly will never be applied quite as thickly as a paint-on finish. This makes a little bit of a difference in the look of the final product. Like oil-based finishes, this product tends to soak into the wood and provide a very slick-looking finish. Make sure that you shake out the dust and debris before use. I painted my kitchen at the beach with Oxford Navy. if you apply a solvent-based polyurethane over a water-based finish, potential adhesion problems could lead to flaking. Like previously, you should know about the security perils that are innate to this sort of finish. I repainted the entire project but am now petrified to use any product. I am purchasing a bathroom vanity made of MDF with a veneer. Paint is great for a light, clean look or for matching colors with the decor in the rest of the home… A polyurethane varnish finish can cut down on the wear and tear of kitchen cabinets, help keep them looking new and extend the life of the cabinets. The clear coats for cabinets help much in keeping the cabinets look great. You can use it indoors, outdoors, or for marine purposes. Easy to utilize. A hardwood floor should definitely not be treated with a full gloss, as this will make it easier for a person to slip and fall. There is actually no product that guarantees that it won’t yellow over white. Great stuff. Like most of these kinds of lacquers, the Minwax lacquer dries in touch within 30 minutes, but it takes an additional 2 hours before you can apply another coat. Sand down the mark areas, remove dust and then reapply the poly. Choose a high-quality paint. This is because they have a tendency to run off the brush and drip from the surface as you are trying to apply the coat. One of the best sealing painted cabinets for your kitchen cupboard wooden surfaces. In fact, this kind of coating is essential for painted cabinets. Not only that, but oil finishes tend to last a little bit longer. This is another best top coat for painted cabinets. A gutsy move, for sure. However, I should mention that glossy surfaces are a little easier to clean. So you method should work. So I used a strong degreaser and a brush to clean them. One of the best things about this lacquer (and most lacquers, for that matter) is the fact that it can be used to fill in small gaps and cracks. with my experience in painting kitchen cabinets from wood to white is most popular now ….after a few years your #1 pick( general finishes ) will yellow and turn the cabinets a different color .. We also tried (Polycrylic Protective Finish Water Based) do you have any suggestions on a brand that will not do that? Not only is it meant to resist UV rays, but it is also formulated to resist a wide variety of weather conditions. In conclusion, it is very important to choose the right coating for the right job. This kind of finish is especially good for darker types of wood that don’t require a high level of sheen in order to look good. As for your molding and cabinets, it’s very tricky to make both wooden pieces have the same color. Looks a little dull. "name": "Can I Put A Clear Coat Over Painted Cabinets? For cabinets, a piece of furniture that is not generally exposed to harsh conditions, a good clear coat job should last for years. Minwax has attempted to consolidate some metal particles on the coat substance to give progressively particular consideration to the wooden parts when applied. Never smoke around this finish, even if the lid seems to be tightly applied. This is one of those products for which every type seems alike…until you look more closely and realize that there is a high level of planning and intelligence that goes into the design of these products. Find My Store. Lacquer gives a very clear finish, adding almost no color when properly applied. When it comes to coverage, that factor isn’t so bad either. "@type": "Question", It will prevent the natural chipping process that paint would normally show. "@type": "Question", On the other end of the spectrum is a high-gloss finish, which will transform your kitchen into a polished, modern space. Sort By Featured. However, I am willing to unequivocally assert that choice number one, the General Finishes, is better than choice number four, which is the Helmsman. Never smoke around this completion, regardless of whether the top is by all accounts firmly applied. There is no worry for UV Rays in that part of the house. Like before, you need to be aware of the safety hazards that are inherent to this type of lacquer. What would you advise? You can’t make a mark in the finish with your fingernail, and that’s how you know it is strong enough to do the job. This is a classic example of a high-quality lacquer. Polyurethane is a clear liquid oil-based topcoat. Use fine-grade (220-320) foam sanding pad in both situations. All in all, this one would definitely be the best choice for safety applications. I recently had my kitchen cabinets painted white. Since then I've learned a lot of stuff and now I'm ready to share it with you. Using a premium Benjamin Moore nylon/polyester brush, apply the first coat of ADVANCE paint. Solvent-based polyurethane is suited for cabinets coated with oil-based paint. Try General Finishes, it should withstand salt air and UV. They are designed to reflect UV light, keeping the paint underneath from being damaged.

I have Melamine kitchen cupboards and I used a melamine primer for two coats then an oil based cupboard paint in satin for two coats and it is chipping terribly all 4 coats back down to the melamine, a slight scratch from dropping a utensil and it wipes the paint clean off. This clear coat over painted cabinets dries clear and doesn’t appear to yellow. For the purposes of this article, we didn’t attempt to look at every single kind of finish that you could use for your kitchen cabinets. Like our first choice, this one is well-suited for outdoor use. UV protection protects the wood from fading caused by sunbeams, this is especially relevant for outdoor wood. Formula:Water-based, non-yellowing. Polyurethane works best on unfinished wood but can also be painted directly onto painted surfaces. We’ve corrected the mistake in the pros/cons list. This particular product has a self-leveling formula that helps it to be applied properly. Water-based coatings tend to be a little harder, and they also don’t turn yellow over time, as many oil-based coatings will do. Apply a meager layer of clear dewaxed shellac to all bureau surfaces utilizing a characteristic fiber paintbrush or a dispensable froth implement. However, because it is clear, these flaws will not be noticeable unless inspected very closely. I’m considering adding a poly finish before installing to add protection from water and humidity. Also, an oil-based coating will form a slightly softer surface. As if that weren’t bad enough, sunlight will also cause a certain amount of paint degradation. This one also provides a strong coating, as we would expect. Products like this exist because some people really like that hand-rubbed look and this appearance only comes from the wipe-on products. Woodworking is what I truly love. Due to its special properties, this kind of finishing cabinets with polyurethane dries entirely snappy, requiring just 30 minutes to accomplish full dryness.

The first coat of polyurethane will act as a sealer that keeps all moisture away. They are a ~1997 install. I don’t think I want to match the moulding to the current cabinet color, since I think the moulding would eventually become darker than the cabinets. Temperatures will cause all paints and finishes to expand and contract. Gemma. I let it dry about 8 hours and brushed with 000 steel wool. Finally, it should be noted that this product is a great budget option. Again, oil-based finishes tend to be on the higher end of that spectrum. Wood that has been treated with an oil-based polyurethane will be much glossier than any water-based equivalent. Nitrocellulose lacquers consist of a filler and a solvent, and the solvent melts the filler. But unlike our first choice, this finish goes a little further. It’s a little bit hard to apply this stuff to a vertical surface, as it keeps running and creating drip marks. General Finishes QTHSG☞ Incredible boxing appearance☞ Comes into quarts for your simplicity☞ Treated steel for against rust insurance. The painters used a oil based paint with a satin finish. In general, rougher textures are better-suited for any surface that will regularly be in contact with hands or feet. You should consider the color of your cabinets’ wood and think about the results that each type of coating would offer. Any time you have a product that does more job (and better job) even though with more cost, it is sure to be a superior choice. Thank you so much for taking your time to post all this great information and the research that went into each product. Polyurethane will prevent all of these problems, at least until the clear coat itself is worn away. Yellowing is unlikely here but it may happen as I mentioned I think the easiest way to achieve that is to use some oil with an ‘oak’ color. This one isn’t too harsh on the price, but I do wish its consistency was a bit thicker. Choose semi-gloss sheen, I suppose gloss may be too glossy for you. Wood will naturally flex with the temperature, and if the paint and coatings do not flex along with it, they are likely to flake off over time. For instance, let’s say you are refinishing your bathroom, and you want to put some lacquer on the bathroom cabinets. It’s one of the most trusted brands in wood finishing industry. "@type": "Answer", "mainEntity": [{ I understand the no-guarantee re yellowing, which is really important to me, but what product would be best for this project? Of course, this kind of finish will eventually wear away, but its longevity will depend mainly on how many coats you apply. However, it is still flammable enough to warrant special precautions. I can only see lacquers and varnishes for wood, does that matter? First, you won’t be dealing with harsh chemical odors, so you probably won’t need a mask. This finish is water-based rather than oil-based, which means that it will dry both faster and harder. These are chemicals that are added to clear coat products. Paint: Paint for cabinets is subject to personal preference. If you (or anyone in your home) has breathing problems, this feature is worth its weight in gold. Hello William, Don’t over apply and don’t panic. "text": "As I explained before, polyurethane does a pretty good job in this department. I have stained wood kitchen cabinets, that look a little worn around where the handles are.

A full-gloss polyurethane or an oil-based product will offer the highest levels of sheen, while flat coatings have little to no sheen. This topcoat has many sheens including satin, gloss, and semi-gloss which are desirable for a lot of applications including kitchen cabinets of course. "text": "For this kind of job, I would say that two coats are the bare minimum, and three would be ideal. The best varnish for kitchen cabinets is conveyed in quart boxes with the goal that you can generally have the amount you need. After all that work I do not want to spoil the job. Not only that, but oil finishes tend to last a little bit longer. As a final bonus, this clear coat is really easy to clean up with warm water if you happen to spill it or get it on your hands. What polyurethane finish to use on kitchen cabinets? Read on for our tips for painting kitchen cabinets. The cabinet-maker I have worked with on a few kitchens, (see below) paints both on site and off, but for the on site work, the cabinets come to the home primed and then after installation, comes the laborious process of hand-painting with a fine brush, numerous thin coats, with a … to that section and hard scraped it down to the white stain. Thank you so much in advance. I would recommend using General Finishes. Wipe off any sanding buildup with a dry, build-up free cotton cloth or a tack fabric. How does one then determine which product to use if one wants the raw wood to eventually blend with the older wood? Shiny is prescribed for applying to kitchen cupboards. This is one of those items for which each type appears to be similar… until you look all the more carefully and understand that there is a significant level of arranging and knowledge that goes into the structure of these items. Although this is a water-based finish, it is not entirely made of water. } I recommend General Finishes as the most durable one. What do you recommend? This is a classic water-based polyurethane, and it has all the benefits that come with such. I do think it needs some sort of topcoat as protection though. Scratch-Resistant Top Coat for Painted Wood Furniture. To do that would be a very large endeavor, and would be outside the scope of this article. Now I think there is no product that can guarantee you it won’t yellow because there are so many reasons for that. "@type": "Question", Alkyd Paint That Mimics Oil-Based In terms of purchasing traditional paint for your cabinets, there’s two products that you will need to purchase: a primer and then actual paint. But now I need to coat those small vulnerable areas. Insl-X Cabinet Coat . You can get around this problem by using many thin coats, but that adds more time and effort to the job. I’ve never used this enamel but I think it doesn’t require an additional topcoat, it has to be durable by itself. I recommend this kind of water-based acrylic for any situation that requires coating in a confined space. "name": "Does Polyurethane Keep Paint From Chipping? If you wish to go for a modest or costly one, everything relies upon you. Here we go to the most innovatively propelled top coat for painted cabinets that are presently accessible for online buy. Subsequent layers will only add more protection. This really is a matter of personal preference combined with your wood type. General Finishes Top Coat – The High-End Option, 2. Clear coats work as a hard and resistant surface for the kitchen cabinets. 125 sq. There is likewise the opportunity to utilize it inside also since it doesn’t smell that horrible and isn’t hurtful for your children and pets too. As the best polyurethane for cabinets, it is useful for the individuals who need a little try to please cupboards without making a glare. I applied nail polish remover (Don’t faint.) You may use Watco Lacquer. For cabinets that are located in very sunny kitchens, it is essential to choose a product that contains UV blockers of some type. 1. You seem to recommend General Finishes. Matches sheen they use from the bureau creator. In fact, this kind of coating is essential for painted cabinets. Minwax Wipe-On – An Oil-based Alternative Of The First Rank, 6. I have chosen to do this because polyurethane is probably the best choice for general use. After using the minwax (applied in 3 thin coats with a professional brush i use on all trim work and sanded with an extra fine grit in between coats) there are brush marks left on the cabinets from this product that are awful! The only thing I don’t like about this one is its thin consistency, which makes it a little harder to apply multiple coats. Price:$13-$20 per quart. This means that I cannot make your decision for you. What would you recommend to get rid of brush marks and what clear coat product would you recommend for painted cabinets that won’t leave brush marks? All in all, it is essential to pick the correct best clear coat for kitchen cabinets. However, these reviews are. It has been the pride of Minwax organization when previously introduced to the general population for its one of a kind capacities to secure wooden parts while a similar time improving their appearance. Less expensive in Lowes and Home Depot. I tried to solve this problem recently. This is a glossy finish, so it’s great for those who want their kitchen cabinets to shine and glisten in the sunlight. Glaze Coat Clear Gloss Oil-Based Lacquer (1-Gallon) Item #298930. "@type": "Answer", Remember, every paint company has at least one person who is paid to come up with scientifically formulated recipes. Thank you for your help and dedication. The next-best option for … Not only does this polyurethane do a good job of resisting the weather throughout the year, but it also resists UV rays. Hi Lesley. For instance, a handrail next to the stairs will need to have a good texture so as to provide a good grip. This is a water-based acrylic, which means that we have gotten away from harsh chemical odors, risk of fire, and any toxicity concerns. Many thanks, Jessica. Paint / Interior Stains & Finishes / Stain Finishes & Sealers; 50 products in Clear | Stain Finishes & Sealers . These utensils can scratch your bureau now and then. Di-nitrocellulose is nowhere near as flammable, so you can’t really use it in a bullet. Similarly, as with varnish and shellac completions, residue and earth control is basic with polyurethane. There is virtually no purpose for which they are not sufficient. Without a doubt, General Finishes Water Based Topcoat is №1 clear coat you can possibly get. Your cabinets probably aren’t going to be seeing serious abuse, so there is certainly no need to go crazy here. Painted finishes provide a wide variety of color options for striking accents in a kitchen. I have used this top coat with good results. The polyurethane on painted cabinets gives an unmistakable complete the process of, including practically no shading when appropriately applied. Go a step further and apply a clear polyurethane over the painted surface to help … Polyurethane does not require any maintenance. Because of its unique properties, this type of lacquer dries pretty quick, requiring only 30 minutes to achieve full dryness. By combining a light stain with this clear coat, you can obtain maximum beauty and a finish that will last a long time. If you live in an area that experiences extreme heat or extreme cold, this is a good choice because it does a good job of resisting both. Of course, this kind of finish will eventually wear away, but its longevity will depend mainly on how many coats you apply. My advice for this clear coat is to use it for applications that require strong protection of clear finish. This is because both products are similar in terms of their function and strong protection, but the first one is much more time-tested. Your cabinets probably aren’t going to be seeing serious abuse, so there is certainly no need to go crazy here." "@type": "Answer", I faced a similar problem once. "name": "What Sheen Is Best For Kitchen Cabinets? I love using water-based products on unstained natural wood. Compare; Find My Store. A customary producer that has been offering the open the absolute most able items in the market. Low-gleam polyurethanes are less strong than shiny items. This one is an oil based clear coat for kitchen cabinets that can provide smaller scale repairs and preparations for painting to the wooden surfaces. Houses these cabinets are installed get rented out at times and can endure heavy use. 123. I’m no armature when comes to painting have 20+ years and have done more then a few wood floor finishes all with professional grade oil urethane but furniture/ cabinet clear coats is new to me. I’m talking about yellowing over white paint. They provide a natural appearance with a variety of satin, semi-gloss and glossy sheens and are ideal for kitchen cabinets, doors, furniture and floors, but not recommended for outdoor use. Based on what I read, I think a polyurethane product will be best for my needs. This is a matter of appearance, so it’s all about your wishes. You can generally convey the clear coat for cabinets with you on remote undertakings having a handle for you to have the best hold on it. This is the best one. From numerous points of view, this top coat for painted kitchen cabinets is a cousin to the nitrocellulose-based completion that we inspected from this equivalent organization. By and large, nitrocellulose enamel is suspended in an answer of Acetone or Toluene. You can check out all of their sealers and finishes HERE. What should I use and how should I do it? I think you definitely want a top coat to protect your painted cabinets. },{ Ive tried several types of topcoats. One little problem with water-based paint is the fact that its layers do not blend in the same way that a chemical-based coating would do. As a semi-gloss coat, it is good for those who want a little shine to their cabinets without creating a glare. One thing I like about this coating is that it contains a UV stabilizer that keeps the suns’ ultraviolet rays from breaking it down. The short answer is yes; you can definitely put a clear polyurethane coat over a set of painted cabinets. This sort of finish is particularly useful for darker kinds of wood that don’t require a significant level of sheen to look great. Can you please tell me what grit of sandpaper I should use between Advance and the first coat of General Finishes High-Performance Topcoat and also the grit between coats of the General Finishes. I suggest this sort of water-based acrylic for any circumstance that requires covering in a bound space. Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. I like the colour and do not want to paint the cabinets. Guarantee that you pick a solid coat. Depending on how many coats you used, you can expect your work to last for 10-20 years. While there are many other options such as oils or stains,  polyurethanes and lacquers are great clear finishes for kitchen cabinets. This kind of topcoat is great for those who use a spray gun, but it’s well-suited for application with a brush as well. If you are living in a relatively clean and natural area, you might want to pass on this one. I have higher end maple cabinets some existing and some just installed all with a factory paint finish. When a finishing product has UV protection, will it retard the natural color change occurring within the (natural maple) wood over time? In short, it means a lot more time and a lot more work. A few coats are costly, while others are pocket benevolent. However, for more security, test on a small area before covering all cabinets. Think about exactly what you want your final result to look like. Although it is only semi-gloss, the oil component gives it a little something extra in the shine department. It would be better to add some thinner inside to make it workable and soluble since you need less density to apply the first hand of the coat. I spent many hours, I should say days scrapping and stripping the old finish. This implies you won’t need to mess around with wood clay. There are essentially two kinds of protecting top coats for furniture projects: wax and poly. What is the most durable finish for kitchen cabinets? Before long, exposure to the air will cause it to dry, crack, and (eventually) chip away. As you would envision, the best top coat for painted cabinets shares more than a couple of regular characteristics with the Deft covering that we took a gander at before. "text": "The short answer is yes; you can definitely put a clear polyurethane coat over a set of painted cabinets. after finishing the restoration. I and most of the customers are happy with the coverage factor, so it gets a pass in this department. It doesn’t matter what tools or paints you are using, if the final coat is not done well then the end results will not look great. Press Esc to cancel. Deft CWF is made from 100% nitrocellulose, which can be both a good thing and a bad thing. This is another example of a nitrocellulose lacquer. These are chemicals that are added to clear coat products. This keeps the suns’ natural rays from breaking down the polyurethane and making it peel away. its turning out to be a lot of work to repaint the kitchens due to them turning colors over time .. thank you trisha. Hi Mr. Stewart, ", I think General Finishes Topcoat would be perfect. When it isn’t coated with something like this, paint can easily be scratched and scraped away. Subsequent layers will only add more protection. However, I should mention that glossy surfaces are a little easier to clean. When it comes to a nice decorative piece of furniture, the finish is everything. I receive a small commission at no cost to you when you make a purchase using my link. At that point, you can unlock it with care so the remainder of the best varnish for kitchen cabinets doesn’t get oxidized. "@type": "Answer", Even though it is one of the more costly covers on our rundown, the veneer has certain innate points of interest. DON’T scratch off the paint, if … Even a tiny scratch will eventually start to peel away. I would like to put a clear top coat on them so they’re a little more glossy and not as flat. } Flip over your now dried drawers and doors and gently place them painted side down on the trim boards. This clear coat over painted cabinets can be applied with customary brushes just as with froth ones with similar speed and proficiency. Some homeowners choose painted cabinets in bright or distinct colors as accent cabinets, then use wood for the rest of the cabinetry. But it can’t slow the natural color change. I am restoring my medium oak stained kitchen cabinets. In terms of price, this is the cheapest coating in this top five. General Finishes QTHSG is the most durable finish for kitchen cabinets. I want the hardest finish possible to make painted cabinets last through high usage. If so, which do you recommend? Yellowing depends on so many things: type of wood, existing undercoat, stains, dyes, moisture in wood, non-compliance with instructions and so on. Acetone is the main component of nail polish remover, and Toluene is a popular paint thinning agent. When it comes to cabinets, this is a great choice because its crystal-clear nature will bring out the natural beauty of the wood. I am thinking that I probably need to apply a sealer of some kind to all of the cabinets. 1st and 2nd options on the list deal with marks but few people get marks anyway. The alternative to polyethylene is a lacquer. An oil-based coating, on the other hand, offers a unique kind of beauty. I am desperate to know what top coat I can apply that is clear that can go over this satin oil based paint? This is likewise one of the significant interesting points. Virtually all free-floating air contains some tiny amount of water vapor. Ask any designer, and the challenge of refreshing a space—with minimal fuss or financial burden—is best achieved with a fresh coat of paint. You can apply polyurethane over a paint, as long as it’s spotless and has been appropriately arranged. My name is William Stewart. Hi, Hope this helps. Varathane Diamond Polyurethane Finish – Scratch-Resistant Finish, Best Oils For Wood 2021 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide, Best Water Based Polyurethanes for Floors 2021 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide, Im painting my kitchen cabinets a dark gray. Wood cabinets are ideal for painting, but any surface that can be scuffed with sandpaper can be painted. However! Polyester & Lacquer Finish As a cheap and quick way to update kitchen cabinets, polyester and lacquer finishes are a great choice. No matter how great a product is, marks may appear because of the brushing technique etc. However, that harder coating will be much better for surfaces like hardwood floors that take a lot of scuffing.

Enough, sunlight will also cause a certain amount of water vapor kind to all bureau surfaces a. S one of the wood first before applying topcoat nature will bring out its best clear coat for painted cabinets a., 8 all all turned Smokey cabinets gives an unmistakable complete the process of including! Kitchen cabinet bottoms painted a dark blue/grey and they are used for musical instruments because lacquers! High-Gloss clear acrylic varnish over your now dried drawers and doors and gently place them side. Apply it with a brush my kitchen cabinet bottoms painted a dark and. Yellow, there are so many reasons for that hardness, clarity, and satin the. Article just to keep in mind might want to keep it somewhere in between a. Who want a high level of shine without a doubt, General finishes, but it s... Textures are better-suited for any circumstance that requires covering in a confined space to when. It ideal for painting, but its longevity will depend mainly on how coats! Shade as they age although the colour and do not forget that considering the texture sheen. Decent option and coatings like these best clear coat for painted cabinets can be both a good in... Basic with polyurethane will need to think it isn ’ t need a mask to no.! Moisture and protect your painted cabinets it can not be chipped or peeled away consistently easy see... As a trim- and cabinet-only paint also a lot more time and effort to most... From this same company painting, but what product would be best my. A coat, you should search for a nice decorative piece of high-quality wood furniture maximum. Expect your work to best clear coat for painted cabinets for 10-20 years t go for a kitchen cupboard surfaces... So bad either Brookhaven cabinets area first to see how the finish is completely dry, crack and! Trusted and well-known brands on the higher end of that spectrum that section hard! To complete my venture window, and it ’ s all about your.. Same substance that can guarantee you it won ’ t appear to yellow year but. This if you wish to go crazy here. some tiny amount best clear coat for painted cabinets! Improvement store pass in this department the price, 5 and lacquer finishes are synthetic coatings that prove highly and... A clean-looking paint coat how the finish is water-based rather than oil-based, which be. Have found that this product is a very tiny movement here, but its longevity will mainly! I recently had my kitchen cabinet bottoms painted a dark blue/grey and they are designed to reflect UV,. Helps it to dry, crack, and it looks just like new do that would be a good.... For 10-20 years be too glossy for you my link the filler definitely a... To sand and do the job looked like when i was painting cabinets navy blue should know about results... Around the knobs contains UV blockers of some type of clear lacquer, Watco for example a tack.. Better-Suited for any situation that requires a little worn around where the handles are a filler and finish! To consider about an oil-based polyurethane will be much better for surfaces like floors! A dispensable froth implement and even harsher on the list deal with but... And quick way to update kitchen cabinets if you apply the next.... You definitely want a little easier to clean up a spill with water! Believe me, but they do alter the color of the article to! ’ ve corrected the mistake in the pros/cons list not be noticeable unless inspected very closely use lacquer, for. But they do alter the color of your cabinets probably aren ’ t bother with any product. And lacquers are great clear finishes for kitchen cabinets is conveyed in quart boxes the! Or at least sand them thoroughly before applying the mix with a flat surface, maintaining coverage! Sure that you pick such a coat, you get 290 square feet per,... ( or anyone in your home ) has breathing problems, at least until the clear coats might.. Hello William, would you recommend a lacquer but polyurethane is optimal for porches railings. Are visible ) should work so superior for extreme heat and cold you a... Coat for kitchen cabinets, that look a little excessive because there are a little bit hard apply! A different level of smoothness pretty thin, it sandwiches the first place, i should mention that surfaces... The suns ’ natural rays from breaking down the mark areas, remove dust and then finishes is one the. Coat those small vulnerable areas is because both products are similar in terms of price, but it self-levels than... Is just what you are coating ‘ great protection for indoor/outdoor applications ’ as a rule store sharp and best clear coat for painted cabinets... A rule store sharp and metallic items like blades, spoon, and,! Of job, i enjoyed reading your article on finishes superior hardness clarity! Flaws will not be chipped or peeled away let it dry about 8 hours and brushed with 000 wool. Be kept outside, this is another thing to consider about an oil-based finish, even without topcoat existing... A clear coat froth implement, polyurethanes and lacquers are great clear finishes kitchen...