The Sound of HiVi 2.1SE. These monitors need some room to reach their potential. HiVi (maker of the Swans line of speakers) brags that the driver arrangement (the two tweeters basically on top of the 15" woofer) makes the speaker sound more like a natural point source. We think the smart money is on form over function. but, quality of sound from D1010 mark ii is superb and loved it. As for rock, The Whos classicQuadropheniawas an impact-laden experience. Holiday Gift Guide 2020. of some sort. 2K likes. Based on circumstances I decided treat them like floorstanders and let them play through the night on my family room rig. Until one gets a true experience in a comparison, no amount of words or quality of prose can adequately explain what makes this characteristic so special. The veneer has a single-piece look to it, and the natural variety of red hues make it easier to blend with other furniture than one might think. Returned the product and have to order d1010 mark ii. TAI, virtually the sole North American Swan supplier, specified the D2.1se and upcoming siblings back in 2004. Hivi / Swans D1010-IVB Wireless Bluetooth Speakers 4.0 Multimedia Computer Speakers 2.0 Active Stereo. With almost too many tweeters (ribbon and soft dome) to count, we couldn't help but be amazed. Ruby Baby came across as lively, including the higher edges of Fagans voice. "border='0' width='88' height='15'><\/a>"), HighFidelityReview Hi-Fi systems, DVD-Audio and SACD reviews. Therefore, I thought it was time to take an in-depth listen at the Swans. The bass capabilities of the monitors allowed for an extra octave to be heard, which normally doesnt happen with orchestrated music. Not only are the speakers incredible to look at, the finish has such a high sheen that photographing it takes some real skill. Donald FagansThe Nightflyhas several tracks that can put the tweeter and crossover to the test. This website uses cookies. Not at the same level as, say, the Sonus Faber Cremona Auditor, but what the 2.1SE does have sure is nice to hear. Worth for the price. The home theater system's front speaker consists of sixteen 28mm soft dome tweeters and sixteen isodynamic ribbon tweeters. I can testify that unless the listener wants the deepest of thundering compositions, the Swan 2.1SEs will do just fine. Explore the world of the craftsmanship behind HiVi. US $198.00. escape(document.referrer)+((typeof(screen)=="undefined")? Queenway Store has All Kinds of HiVi Swans D1100 multimedia speaker 2.0 channel Bluetooth active speaker,HV-016 Hivi M1 Speaker Kit HiFi Speaker HI-end Audio Bookshelf Speaker Bracket,HV-015 Hivi/PK8.8/PK10.8 speaker kit card package KTV empty box 8 inch/10 inch speaker KL3.4-1 and more On Sale, Find the Best China null at AWARD WINNING SOUNDS - Produced by Swan Speakers, 7 times CES Award Winner; 0.8'' Neodymium soft dome tweeter for clear sweet highs and a 4" midrange woofer for powerful bass all the way down to 45Hz. TAI personnel have been involved with Swan since 1994, and we acquired exclusive rights to market Swan in the ID channel in 2003. They manufacture all of their own drivers, which are also available to the DIY crowd and on an OEM basis to other commercial speaker makers. Overview: Specification: Gallery: Sitemap | Language | Feedback | HiVi Inc.(USA) | Language | Feedback | HiVi Inc.(USA) HiVi Swans D1100 multimedia speaker 2.0 channel Bluetooth active speaker. Swans Speaker Systems, Inc. Speaker System. Ordered Swans D1010-IV but got delivered Swans D1010 mark II. HiVi Swans D1100 multimedia speaker 2.0 channel Bluetooth active speaker. All Rights Reserved. Keith Moons drumming stood out along with the fine bass work of John Entwistle. "target=_blank>