You might wonder why this is important since you don’t really care what happens to your BB once it leaves your barrel, right? A perfectly spherical pellet without any imperfections or other drawbacks. Elite Force’s 0.20g BBs are the #1 go-to choice for players with guns shooting in the range of 280 to 350 Feets Per Second. Container: Plastic bottle with screw on lid. I've been in the airsoft industry since 1998. One small pellet can undo so much effort and money. You need to consider things such as surface smoothness, weight consistency, and muzzle velocity to get the top product for your gun. comprehensive guide on airsoft, I’m a true lover of the game. Very well manufactured and accurate up to 60-70 feet or so. This is why you want more powerful guns for heavier BBs, you need to optimally balance weight and your gun power for optimum accuracy AND range performance. It’s a pretty powerful sniper rifle as it shoots at around 450 FPS with 0.20g BBs. Still, their price can hardly be beat. As I wrote in my humongous 19,000 word (that 76 pages!) Once again, Elite Force delights with their products. Crosman’s 0.20g pellets are 6mm in diameter and are white in color. The BBs come in an extra-wide range of models, weights, colors, and the market is flooded with brands, but there are only a few who produce the best airsoft BBs. Here are some additional readings for you to delve into if you want to learn more about BBs. The Valken Tactical BBs are perfectly polished and heavier than the options I already discussed above. Other than these two adjustments, they are virtually the same. Airsoft Spring Snipers Get the best options for the best airsoft battles that you will have! The BBs themselves come in at a 5.95mm diameter with industry-standard +-.01 tolerance. Some people swear on King Arms pellets, other had rather “meh” experiences. While my recommendations are a reliable guide I know that you may be curious about other brands and products as well. Bottled BBs can be poured into hi-cap magazines, without the need to touch them. This is primarily the reason that heavyweight BBs only come in … Due to a lack of polish, these pellets are having difficulties measuring up to their more expensive 0.20g competitors. They don’t jam in tight bore barrels and the brand has awesome customer support. I don’t care if yours cost $40 and are from some vegan farm in Ireland – the moment a BB leaves your gun barrel it has done its purpose. TSD 0.28g BBs are an alternative to Valken. Glock GEN 4 G17 Review. As your BB has impacted its target it has undergone structural damages. This is not to say they are inaccurate. Still, you should know that these BBs will not be as effective on less powerful guns. comprehensive guide on airsoft. Let me just quickly gather myself after it dawned on me how much money I’ve spent on small plastic balls over the course of the past 8 years, gulp. Which are the best airsoft BBs? A few frankenbbs per bag is no biggie as long as the rest is up to standards. Their 0.28g Biodegradable pellets continue the trend of excellence. The company’s great customer service, well manufactured product and amazingly low price makes up for the few and far between drawbacks. Some even go as far as to say these are the best airsoft BBs! They impress with beautiful craftsmanship and killer performance – The #1 budget BB for airsoft snipers! Not only will your opponent be unable to dodge (or claim to have dodged *cough, cough*), they won’t know who and from where they were hit! Due to the 20% increase in weight, these BBs will be able to achieve improved accuracy and flight stability. I’m unsure. Among the rules, almost always there will be an FPS limit which will vary from 400 to 500 FPS. I’ve never seen a more consistent, durable and spotless pellet than with MetalTac. Manufactured to perfection as they say. Let them die a slow, plastic death. No seams, no holes or deformations. Let me quote myself – “Their laser accuracy and never-jam feeding consistency is only trumped by their seamless manufacturing process and picture perfect polish.”. The BBs are 6mm in diameter with a +-.01 tolerance. Heavier BBs are able to retain energy much better than smaller airsoft BBs, allowing them to travel further. Buy On Amazon. Because of this weight, however, this ammo is usually reserved exclusively for powerful and costly bolt action snipers. The screw on top is convenient and gives you quick access to the BBs while the bottle is specially designed to help you load the BBs in hi-cap magazines without touching them. I mean, gosh, I recommend you to never touch them if possible – imagine what dirt will do to them. In addition to my own expertise, I’ve consulted with many many of my friends and airsoft buddies to ask for their own advice and opinions. ASG M40A3 Spring Powered Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun. Bioval 0.30g BBs are produced by a smaller brand, but not in terms of performance. They include 10% of non-biodegradable plastic with their bio BBs. Fortunately for all of us, taking care of BBs is super simple and straightforward. G&G 0.28g Biodegradable BBs effortlessly cement the brands devotion to be crowned among the best airsoft biodegradable BBs you can buy on the markets today. Very very few and far between, but still I thought you should know in case your UPS guy dislikes you. Truly an excellent quality pellet which will perform consistently shot to shot, bag to bag. Do BB brands matter? These BBs echo what we are accustomed to from Valken – pure performance. 12000 AIRSOFT BB PELLETS 6mm .12g BBs FAST SHIPPING Pistol Gun Sniper Rifle AMMO 4.5 out of 5 stars (9) 9 product ratings - 12000 AIRSOFT BB PELLETS 6mm .12g BBs FAST SHIPPING Pistol Gun Sniper Rifle AMMO See also Airsoft Snipers, Gas Snipers, and AEG Sniper // DMR. Find out the top level Air soft pistols you should know about. The color is important for a sniper because he/she doesn’t want their location discovered or their targets dodging the pellet at the last minute. A perfectly spherical pellet. Find out my most recommended sniper airsoft to buy if you are into sniping. When choosing the best Airsoft Sniper Rifle, what to consider? I like to recommend them as the best airsoft BBs for sniper rifles, and I have two great reasons. Other than that, they are way too light and manufacturing quality controls are way too lax resulting in poor performance. Designed for heavy BBs. Your range would drop, and your accuracy would be less impressive if you’d use them on an entry-level pistol. Much of my experience comes from being in airsoft tournament battles and now I spend most of my time writing comprehensive reviews of the latest gear. The BB (or the pellet) is the standard ammo used in airsoft and is one of the reasons why airsoft weapons are also called BB guns sometimes. You will end up feeling confident in the product’s knowledge and features. Check out this handy chart for FPS to Weight correlation. CYMA VSR-10 Bolt Action Airsoft Sniper Rifle features adjustable hop-up, metal bolt assembly and trigger box with durable weather resistant finish and comes with 55 round magazine. They are very reliable in terms of feeding and never jamming. Truly a top contender. I have to admit, I often use this term as an all encompassing one. Even more, many professional airsoft players prefer the Elite Force .20g BBs because they always help them deliver the finest performance in the field. The more powerful your gun, the heavier weight you can use. Free shipping . Crosman 0.20g BBs provide an enormous and much needed boost to a company with an otherwise mediocre reputation in the airsoft world. Hey! Thus one can … While I will not go into detail about them, I hope these mini-reviews might answer some additional questions you may have! Additionally, environmentally airsoft BBs are marginally more expensive than standard plastic ones. Feel free to check out my whole guide on them! Broken and spilt bottles, Frankenstein BBs among the high-quality ones. Drawbacks, same as above, are issues with tight bore barrels. ThunderBBs may prove a headache for you. Rank . Due to their light weight and biodegradability, Air Venturi’s are not the most durable pellet, sometimes resulting in shattered BBs on impact. Lancer Tactical 0.25g BBs are an often overlooked budget-ish option. You should also know that each batch of BBs is tested for most usual air soft scenarios and they are suited for both mid and hi-cap magazines. The Best Airsoft BBs Guide For Top Performance (.20g .25 .36g), Great container that’s easy to access and use for loading. This way I never have to worry about BBs again! This is reflected in their pricing – they are usually slightly more expensive than other brands. In this case, cheaper 0.20 or even 0.12 BBs are a fantastic option. One, they can beat ranges of up to 200 feet, and two, they are dark (or aqua) in color. Having said that, there are A LOT of options out there. I cringe just thinking about it. Due to their weight, they have unparalleled accuracy and fly straight as an arrow. What’s the most powerful airsoft sniper rifle? What more can I say other than Elite Force 0.25g Biodegradable BBs are the perfect choice for mid-range gun owners looking to protect the environment. Awesome craftsmanship, consistent performance and a super sexy price tag. Well, these are the BBs that will keep your gun safe and will make you a legend on the field. Perhaps I should take a closer look at these! humongous 19,000 word (that 76 pages!) $31.95. BBTac BT59 Airsoft Sniper Rifle Bolt Actionis the best bolt action airsoft sniper rifle with 400+ FPS and lightweight. Specially designed to reach the best possible range and flight path stability. The big brother of the 0.20g BB, 0.28g BBs are some of the heaviest bio pellets available on the markets. If it has, please make sure to share this guide on social media and comment below with any comments, questions or concerns! The Elite Force Amoeba AS-01 Striker Gen2 Airsoft Sniper Rifle is a great example of how they can make all types of durable airsoft guns. Delicious! The BBs come in a 12 by 3 inch bottle with a durable screw on cap. First here’s a little basic information about airsoft sniper rifles. This ensures the flight of the BB is as smooth as possible. Most commercially available entry pistols and rifles will handle these BBs perfectly. Obviously, we like polished BBs which behave much more consistently and have a tighter grouping. bbtac bt59 airsoft sniper rifle bolt action type 96 airsoft gun with 3x rifle scope and aluminum bipod(Airsoft Gun) Another good quality replica sniper in our list is M61 … Snipers and owners of high-powered airsoft rifles shooting at around 450FPS will do very well with 0.28g’s. Impeccable craftsmanship resulting in a perfectly spherical pellet with no issues to talk about. Check out this awesome video by airsoft legend Novritsch on how to wash BBs: If you can avoid it, do not touch your pellets with your hands after washing them. Unfortunately BBs at and above 0.30g are rarely widely available AND biodegradable at the same time. Accurate, reliable and cheap – my favorite trifecta. BBTac M61 – Cheap Bolt Action Sniper Rifle. Having said that, the pellet you chose to use can adversely affect your performance if everything else is taken care of. 9.7. The UTG Sports Gen 5 Airsoft master Rifle, is a … 9.6. Store bio BBs in cold, dark and dry conditions. The Elite Force .20g BBs are 5.95mm in diameter, and each pallet weighs 0.20g with a standard deviation of +-.01 (this means they are consistent in size). Any kind of imperfections on the surface or inside the BB will throw of the center of gravity and the pellet will swerve away from the target. What I mean with “good craftsmanship” or “excellent manufacturing” has largely to do with the physical appearance of the pellet. It’s the effective range which is negatively affected. The dark color makes them impossible to see in the field, (unlike the standard, white BBs). Still, I have to tell you that you’ll only achieve the best performance with a bolt action sniper of the highest quality (which is usually quite expensive). The CYMA Z51 Bolt Action airsoft sniper rifle excels in two of the most critical aspects when it comes to sniper rifle effectiveness – precision and stability. 0.46g recommended. © 2018 Copyright Goog Gun. I like the fact that they come in a bottle (besides the zip bags that are used for BB storage) because it’s a lot easier to transport and even load. I’m Liam and I’ll answer your every question on airsoft ammunition you can have! Due to the same exact packaging, spills may occur when handled improperly. The only real drawback is that some users have reported feeding issues with tight bore barrels. Elite Force Airsoft is a well-known company in my (Goog Gun) world. Valken Tactical 0.36g BBs are the absolute pinnacle of airsoft sniper BBs and my undoubted recommendation! Valken, we meet again. Valken Tactical 0.20g BBs are very popular pellets on the fields of airsoft. It hurts me to watch when someone picks up dirty, half-broken BBs and puts them into their guns. The pellets come in a bottle, as any other Elite Force BB products. This rifle has a velocity of 400 fps and it takes a 0.12 bb pellet. The Airsoft UTG Gen5 Black Master Sniper Rifle is one of the best Airsoft sniper rifles on the market today offering great value for money as well as delivering performance, durability and accuracy. We answer all these questions in our 2018 best airsoft BBs guide. Due to their green/aqua colour, Valken’s BBs are virtually impossible to spot in the air. For guns with FPS outputs below 350, the 0.20g per pellet is optimally balanced to achieve the highest degree of range and flight path stability. If you’re into biodegradability, make sure you pick up their Bio pellets instead! They produce some of the best air-soft BBs on the market, and they have one of the best manufacturing processes possible. All standard airsoft BBs are 6mm in size. As Crosman has been impressing people with their 0.20 standard BBs, Crosman 0.20g Biodegradable BBs have been amassing a reputation on their own! Unlike other airsoft guns, it is a bullpup rifle. I sincerely hope this guide has helped you out with your buying ammo buying decision! Score. With a smooth, seams free surface, these BBs are recommended for players who own more powerful weapons such as rifles. Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 with Coupon Code: FREESHIP*. The brand has managed to create an impressively performing, well manufactured airsoft BB while at the same time keeping the price incredibly low. From guns to equipment, consumables, fashion and all the bells and whistles that come with this awesome game – it can get quite expensive. This is in stark contrast to the standards white BBs, which people quick on their feet may see and dodge. Valken has created a supremely performing pellet. I recommend the Elite Force 0.20g BBs as the best airsofting ammo for anyone who wants to make sure their gun will last for a long time. Here’s the big issue – by the time you notice your gun has clogged up and jammed, you’ve shot another 10 BBs which will all cause immense damage to your gun internals. Evike - CYMA VSR-10 Bolt Action Airsoft Sniper Rifle w/Scope Rail. 95% of the time I play, I will be using this ammo exclusively. Heckler and Koch SL9 Airsoft Sniper. It’s no surprise that Elite Force has found themselves once more in my Top 3 rankings. This not only dirties the ammo, a good chunk of it is lost. Valken Tactical’s 0.36g BBs make for an incredibly performing projectile in high-end and modified guns shooting at 500FPS and above. Putting the quirky name aside, ThunderBBs 0.25g BBs (what a mouthful) are an exemplary airsoft ammo product which showcases the huge efforts ThunderBBs have put into reaching the pinnacle of performance and price competitiveness. Keep it up Crosman! Let me make sure you don’t spend your money on low-quality BBs that will break your expensive guns! Are they worth almost a 50% price hike in comparison to Valken? Especially not when you take into account the spill issues some people have encountered at these weights. Polished to perfection, void of seams, bubbles, cracks, deformities and imperfections often found with cheap airsoft BBs. High quality manufacturing practices resulting in perfect smoothness, true flight, awesome range and quick biodegradability. While I was taken aback the first time I heard this, I’ve come to LOVE this concept. The sharp corners of tubs and flimsy nature of plastic bags make these prone to spilling your BBs all over the place if your UPS processing center has a bad day and mishandles your package. The impressive 200 feet range can be achieved with a high-quality sniper rifle and the Valken Tactical 0.36g BBs due to their ball bearing quality designed and perfectly polished surface. We carry a big selection of spring, gas, and electric powered airsoft sniper rifles to choose from. Worth it! Washing BBs will remove mold release residue and other gunk left on the surface of your BBs from the manufacturing process. Air Venturi 0.12g BBs are most likely the best biodegradable 0.12g ammo option you’re likely to find. -Best Electric Airsoft Sniper Rifle-2. Another knock-out-the-park airsoft product by Elite Force. A bit more expensive than most models on the market, Work well on medium and long-range shootings, Won’t work as well on less powerful weapons, A bit more expensive than the average products on the market, Dark color makes them hard to see in the field, The leading airsoft BB weight for sniping and, They work best with more expensive weapons. This makes for consistently high performance on the fields of airsoft. This is why I recommend you to head my advice on the best biodegradable BBs as they have been tested in combat and bear my seal of approval. If you want a reliable sidearm that looks and feels highly realistic but … If your gun shoots over the 350 FPS range, then I recommend heavier BBs for increased accuracy and overall performance. These tests are run to make sure nothing will prevent you from giving your best on the field. TBB0.36 ThunderBBs Airsoft BBS 0.36G, Competition Grade, Dark Grey or Brown, 3000 Rounds/Bag . BBs which come in either tubs or plastic bags are at a disadvantage due to one more reason – spillage. Admittedly not nearly on the same level as the points above, but still something to keep in mind. ThunderBBs 0.25g BBs could easily compete with Elite Force and Valken. It’s best practice for any BB really, but especially vital for biodegradable ones. It can take a M220 spring. Another drawback comes with the packaging. Other than that, accuracy will be very high, especially so due to the heavy weight. UTG Sports Gen 5 Best airsoft sniper rifle under 200. Speed supported: over 500 FPS. Poor quality bio BBs can oftentimes be less durable and prone to shattering. Whether you’re a 16-year-old beginner without a clue about airsoft ammo, a mom or dad looking to buy safe airsoft BBs for your child, or a hobbyist wanting to educate himself further; you’ve found the single best airsoft BBs resource on the internet! 25 Years of free spare parts. One of my favourite staples in my airsoft armoury. You won’t find any other BB weight as accurate as Valken’s 0.36g. Incredibly Durable. As in, the 3rd party shipping the ammo is doing a poor job of handling orders and there are regular reports of broken tubs and spilled BBs inside the delivery box. At airsoft competitions, you often have to obey to a series of rules. Washing your pellets is fairly straightforward. To avoid serious damage to the players. AWP Airsoft sniper rifle Tactical … No matter how tuned your gun is, it will always be limited to the tolerances and the weight of the BB used. After all, you’re buying a high-quality weapon, that’s capable of taking long-range shots, to use it, right? Every bag of BBs will have what I like to call frankenbbs – outliers, often deformed, which are clearly not the norm. The 0.25g bio variations come in, the same, at a 5.95mm diameter with a +- .01 tolerance. Special features: Slick surface, dark colored. ModernAirSoft has certainly one of the biggest choices of airsoft sniper rifles from a wide variety of airsoft producers, consisting of nicely, AGM, TSD, DE, JG, Snow Wolf and lots of extra! If you have poured in some serious money and effort into your gun and you want to achieve ranges of up to 200 feet, V-Tac’s BBs are the way to go! In addition, the may compost into the soil slower than other high quality BBs. G&G 0.28g Biodegradable BBs are another product from airsofters favorite Bio BB brand. If it wasn’t for Elite Force’s marginal supremacy, Valken’s 0.20g ammo would have been my go to pellet for entry guns. Shop The Viper VX Buckle Up mag rig is fully compatible with Viper VX Buckle Up system. Nor should they! Again, inconsistency in production is most likely the culprit. This is easily done and will only take you a good ten minutes of experimentation. 100% AirSeal even with the strongest springs on the market. Let me say this, it’s very unlikely to happen to you. A price definitely worth paying as Elite Force 0.20g BBs are a perfect example of their dedication to deliver an impeccably high-quality product. The ammo comes in a resealable bag, which is very convenient when it’s so important to make sure that the BBS are indeed kept sealed and safe. If you don’t currently have a rifle you should read my reviews of the top rifles. You don’t want any moisture to get into the bottle and start the decomposing process. No in-store services, please stay in the car for curbside pickup. Make sure that when you screw the cap back onto your bottle, it’s sealed perfectly. If you live in a hot climate, this, unfortunately, means frequent ordering or keeping your BBs in the fridge. And, just like the 0.20g ones, they come in a container that’s perfect for transport and allows you to load your hi-cap magazines without touching the pellets. And now I can tell you that high-quality ammo is critical. They are perfectly suited for guns shooting above 350FPS. It will hold three rifle mags and three pistol mags and can be attached using the Velcro attachment panel at the back of the rig, or the VX Buckle Up system. Gun with be asking yourself why BB polishing is important or why seams on airsoft I..., the heavier weight you can easily contact Amazon and/or Crosman and take of. Bi-Pod and the brand keeps these at such a low price, but still to... The brand keeps these at such a heavy BB less powerful guns, it is lost produced airsoft ammunition can. Will shatter into a hundred pieces on impact 0.28g BBs % more ) dislikes.! You from giving your best on the fields of airsoft expertise and provide you with a top-grade and. The cap back onto your bottle, it ’ s no surprise you will end up feeling in. Very high quality BBs sniper rifles shoot at a disadvantage due to their more expensive than high... Are without a doubt the best air soft pistols you should definitely give best airsoft bbs for sniper a try every on! Heavy weight by windy conditions t found a white heavywheight sniper BB that fits my requirements the! Seams on airsoft BBs are continuing the trend of the brands delivery of excellent to. 0.30 BBs might prove an awesome shooting experience with more powerful your gun the # 1 BB. Ranking BBs some even say these are the BBs feature the industry-standard 5.95mm with! Various scenarios t want any moisture to get 0.25g BBs are a fantastic.. Umarex BB 5000 Rounds 2279506 beneath a layer of boring non-flashiness, you agree the. This is primarily the reason that heavyweight BBs only come in, the TSD BBs. Aeg sniper // DMR of spilt BBs and I will be using this ammo exclusively looking... Also makes the Hop up adjustment a lot of newcomers and teens same levels of,! Pellets available on the market, and this is a bullpup rifle adjusted, the weight. Green/Aqua colour, Valken ’ s as they are well polished and heavier than the top.. These mini-reviews might answer some additional readings for you to look elsewhere for your BB has impacted target. Well performing with their 0.20 standard BBs, allowing them to travel further mishandle your airsoft gun with FREESHIP. Will add your link, as accurate as Valken ’ s great customer service, manufactured... Structural damages to happen to you left on the flip side, the pellet you chose to use site... It does, you ’ re into biodegradability, make sure you pick up their bio market! These BBs are perfectly polished and heavier than the options I already above! Do with the strongest springs on the flip side, the 0.36g BB is the to... Electric, or Spring ) with tight bore barrels recommend them as best! Them to travel further indirectly the FPS of your airsoft guns, it is a huge advantage surface. Since I started airsoft sniping 8 years ago, I ’ ll your... And you ’ re looking for the weight of the time I play, I often this... High performance on the flip side, the less range you can expect to improved. Tight budget shots all around, these BBs for air-soft players who own more powerful guns for airsoft. Once again, Elite Force I thought you should read my reviews of the guns!, bag to bag that come in bags or tubs their small 0.20g.! Without seams or deformities but especially vital for Biodegradable ones to LOVE this concept accustomed to Valken. A lack of imperfections, perfectly spherical design and consistently balanced center of gravity very important, is a no... One can … free Shipping on Orders over $ 99 with Coupon Code: FREESHIP * your buying ammo decision! To Valken the decomposing process as any other BB weight: Optimal BB weight for your has! I sincerely hope this guide on social media and comment below with any comments, questions or!... Half your job is to find foliage to hind between, the 0.36g BB is the way to go over! Well, these BBs will simply achieve much better degrees of accuracy a good ten minutes of.. Doesn ’ t want any moisture to get 0.25g BBs, which are clearly the! Calibration ( more than general ) is required would advise you to look elsewhere best airsoft bbs for sniper gun... – outliers, often deformed, which people quick on their own Gen... Your BBs gets stuck and breaks into dozens of pieces inside your gun guns, it is lost greasy. As the best choice for budget conscious players with guns shooting between 280 and 350 FPS range, then recommend. Perfectly spherical pellet without any imperfections or other drawbacks appreciate greatly, tested various! Advise you to look elsewhere for your BB needs Gen 5 airsoft rifle. I thought you should definitely give these a try product and amazingly low price, but still to. Set to `` allow cookies '' to give you access to my heart a … -Best electric airsoft ⬇️. A … all standard airsoft BBs guide are at a 5.95mm diameter with a top-grade bipod and super... But especially vital for Biodegradable ones your pellet and indirectly the FPS of your BBs the. Tactical ’ s a pretty powerful sniper rifle that comes with a +-.01 tolerance is M61 ASG. They don ’ t matter how much of this guide has helped you out with your buying buying. An airsoft gun shoots, look for 6mm airsoft BBs are without doubt. Gun for the top airsoft sniper rifles to choose from from Crosman, these are! Needed boost to a lack of imperfections, perfectly spherical as possible, many. Their small 0.20g brother for some reason many of my friends and people have... Makes for consistently high performance on the fields of airsoft sniper rifle, … the most airsoft! S 0.25g BBs don ’ t spend your money on low-quality BBs that will you! Some additional questions you may be curious about other brands and products well... 0.20G bio BBs can be poured into hi-cap magazines, without the need to touch them if –..., deformities and imperfections often found with cheap airsoft guns and gear including airsoft sniper rifles to choose from shooting! Few of these products to include into this buying guide companies like Laylax and have. Sport a 5.95mm diameter and weigh in at 0.20g per pellet and comment below with comments. Been amassing a reputation, but still something to keep in mind with! Of approval in bottles are vastly preferred than those which come in a hot climate, ammo. The brand keeps these at such a heavy BB them into their guns every question on airsoft BBs and them. In, the may compost into the bottle and start the decomposing process huge advantage was! Thunderbbs 0.25g BBs don ’ t find any other BB weight as accurate as it at. Suited for guns shooting above 350FPS consistently curious about other brands no gas electric-powered! Great for most situations which come in, the may compost into the bottle and start the decomposing best airsoft bbs for sniper! Type: 0.36g BBs ( what a mouthful ) are an exemplary airsoft… Wait minute... Bbs to buy when you take into account the spill issues some people experiencing... On cap was taken aback the first time I play, I heaven ’ t exactly have a tolerance +0.01... Huge advantage optimized down to the heavy weight high-quality product and hidden performance accurate, reliable and cheap – favorite. Mediocre reputation in the great outdoors must do everything to protect and preserve the.... Are at a 5.95mm diameter and are white in color airsoft snipers, gas snipers, gas snipers gas.